Come visit our Lawn and Garden Department. Our knowledgeable staff has years of experience helping customers to kill what needs to be killed and grow what needs to be grown. Our knowledgeable staff is certified by  the Scott's Training Institute in Ohio. We carry a full line of Scott's brand products including 4 Step fertilizer, Turf Builder, Ez-Seed, Grub-Ex, Mircale-Gro, Othro, and Round-Up.

We have all the tools to keep your yard look great, including Fiskars and Best Garden. 

We also have a full line of HTH pool chemicals to keep your pool and spa in perfect condition. Bring in a water sample and our staff will run it through our HTH analyzer and will print out a copy of exactly what you need and how much you need to keep your water in perfect balance. 

We have whatever you need to get that perfect lawn or garden going.

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